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The cake flavors are as wonderful as the decorating. Specialties include creamsicle, cherry chip, pineapple zest, toffee, and rainbow. Traditional flavors and buttercream icing are also available.

If you like what you see, live in the Northern Virginia area, and would like to arrange a tasting or cake masterpiece, please contact straussjune@yahoo.com.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Round and Square Wedding Cake

12" Round, 10" square, and 6" round golden butter cake with almond flavored icing.

Wedding Cake on Tall Platform

14" Square, 10" round and 6" square carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Custom made beaded Q on top.

New Home Cake

Wilton house pan cut to make a townhouse. Modeling chocolate figures of Tory and Ricky.

Beach Bridal Shower Cake

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cake with Babies

6" & 10" White cake with almond flavored buttercream icing. MMF Babies.

Doctor and Babies Cake

9 X 13 Carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Figure and accessories are MMF. A couple of the little baby items are plastic.

Cowboy Wedding Cake

6, 8" Satellite cakes golden butter with raspberry filling and almond flavored buttercream icing. 14" Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, 12" carrot cake with cream cheese icing, 10" red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, 8" devil's food with cream cheese icing and 6" red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. Each cake had white chocolate curls on top.

Nurse Cake

I used the Mario Bros pan and redesigned it to a Busy Front Office Manager. MMF and almond buttercream on white cake.

Yellow Rose Wedding Cake

I did this cake for a cake tasting at my local bridal shop in our town. I gave out lots of cake and had a ball. Got alot of new business.

WVU Cake

8" Round cake with done with variegated buttercream icing to look like the Mountaineers coonskin cap.

Snowy Winter Wedding Cake

16" Square base cake in white cake with almond buttercream. 14" Round golden butter cake with almond butter cream. 10" Chocolate cake with almond butter cream and German chocolate cake with almond butter cream. All cake cover with MMF with the sides trimmed to look like drifted snow and sprinkled with glimmer dust and live flowers decorating between the layers. Served over 230.

White Round Wedding Cake with Light Blue Accent

12" Round chocolate cake with raspberry filling, almond buttercream icing covered with MMF, 10" white cake with orange filling, vanilla butter cream icing covered with vanilla MMF. 8" chocolate cake with raspberry filling and almond butter cream covered in MMF.

Round White Stacked Wedding Cake

Train Cake

Train cake shaped from Duke of Hazzard car pan and train car is a loaf pan.

Steelers Superbowl Cake

One layer 12" cake with Football player with 6 Super Bowl Rings on his fingers.

Starry, Starry Night Cake

Van Gogh's painting "Starry Night" done in buttercream.

Square Wedding Cake with Flowers

16" Square white cake with almond flavored buttercream icing. 12" Chocolate cake with almond flavored buttercream icing. 8" Orange cake with almond flavored butter cream icing. 6" Orange cake with almond buttercream icing. All covered in MMF with basket weave design tinted pale green. I did the flowers also, they matched the bouquets. Served at least 200.

Snowman Birthday Cake

Flower Pots Bridal Shower Cake

St. Patrick's Cake

8" Round white cake with almond buttercream icing.

Flowered Wedding Cake

This was my daughter's wedding cake. White cake/buttercream with almond flavoring. Live flowers. Served 200.

Flowers and Bees Birthday Cake

Orange cake with orange zest filling and vanilla buttercream icing. 10" Round cake. Serves 30-35.

Redskins Cakes

8" Round white cake with almond flavored buttercream icing. Redskin symbol is a window cling that I got at Party Store. He loved it!!!

9" X 13" White cake iced with almond flavored buttercream, then covered with MMF, Redskin colors on sleeves, Melissa's name and #1... because we think she is #1.

Red Hat Ladies Cake

Golden butter 9X13 slab cake with a thin 8" round for the brim of the hat and a 6" one-layer cake for the box of the hat. Butter cream icing with almond flavoring and MMF covered the hat and gloves.

Yellow Flower Birthday Cake

8" Round lemon cake with raspberry filing, covered with vanilla buttercream icing.

Pink Wedding Cakes

White cake with almond flavored buttercream. Served 50.

White cake, Chocolate cake with buttercream icing, covered in MMF. Tinted to match bride's gown.

Ocean Birthday Cake

13" X 19" Half chocolate and half white cake with almond buttercream icing all underwater creatures are fondant. Used piping gel for water and brown sugar for sand.

Hot Rod Cake

Full sheet cake, with truck pan. Truck is done with fondant just like the 38 year old kid's truck who's the birthday boy.

Multiple Wedding Cakes

Flowered Wedding Cake

Margaritaville Cake

12" Orange cake and a 8" 2 layer cake with orange zest flavored buttercream icing. Margaritaville was the theme of the party.

Luie the Crab Cake

10" Round white cake with raspberry filling and Luie is half a ball cake white with almond flavored buttercream icing with MMF.

John Deere Cake

This is a half and half full sheet cake with buttercream. The tractor was a race car pan that I picked up (just in case I need it) at the Salvation Army. I improvised and the little guy loved it and so did his Mom!